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Model: PH9-AL-400
Rated voltage: 220V/230V
Power: 426W
Maximum input current: 1.89A @ 230V
Input power factor PF:>0.98
Certification: CE
Matching lamp tube
◆ GPHA1554T6,GPHHA1000T6,GPHHA1554T6,NNI200/107XL,NNI300/147XL,NNI400/147XL ,TUV325WXPT ,TUV320WXPT,TUV270WXP,UVL200W/T8,UVL300W/T8
Application areas
◆ Sewage treatment
◆ UV curing



Product Features

  • Warm-up start
  • The switch value (dry contact) can be connected to remote equipment to feed back the working status of the lamp tube. 5VDC output, the lamp tube works normally and outputs 5VDC voltage, which can be externally connected with LED indicator, and outputs 0VDC when the lamp tube is off.
  • By setting the dip switch, adapt to PHILIPS,LightSources,Heraeus and other brands and different specifications of the UV lamp.
  • European terminal structure

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