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Ballast is composed of electronic components, electronic components of their own parameters have positive and negative error, so when combined into a finished product, the power also produced a difference. For example, the main control chip, its operating frequency error is ± 2KHZ; the error of inductive components is ± 5%; the error of electrolytic capacitors is ± 20%; the error of film capacitors such as output capacitors is ± 5%; In addition, there are also errors in the power of the lamp, mainly because the lamp voltage is related to the ambient temperature, and the ballast output is relatively constant current, so when the lamp voltage changes, the lamp power will change accordingly, resulting in changes in the ballast input power. The internal control standard of ballast production is ± 10%

One end of the Y capacitor in the filter circuit is connected to the shell, which will feel tingling when the shell is not grounded.

Input voltage, lamp failure and matching problems will cause the lamp to go out for a period of time

Solution: whether the lamp tube matches the ballast; Whether the lamp tube is frequently switched on and off in the field. If the lamp tube is frequently switched on and off, a preheated ballast shall be selected.

Solution: check whether the lamp matches the ballast, and determine whether the ambient temperature is too low. If the ambient temperature is too low, it will also cause the lamp to turn red and the power is not enough;

Solution: Since the ballast is a power product, heating is normal, as long as the shell surface temperature is lower than 70 ℃, it can work normally. If the customer feels overheated, it can be cooled by air cooling;
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